Xiamen United Chemical Company Limited (code UC ) for Taiwan and Thai Industrial Company Limited of Hongkong through union Mao Chemical Company Limited investment in Xiamen factory, established in 1993 and put into production. The first company mainly for the production of PVC plastic industrial stabilizer and additives, product marketing throughout the country and exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia region.Combined chemical products mainly include: metal soap stabilizer; barium cadmium zinc, barium and zinc liquid stabilizer; organic tin stabilizer ( methyl, butyl, zinc base ); foam stabilizer; non-toxic calcium zinc stabilizers; composite solid stabilizer; ACR processing aids, air conditioning; internal and external sliding agent. Widely used in PVC rolling and extrusion products, including PVC foam sheet, adhesive tape film, wire and cable, leather, profiles, pipe fittings, plastic shoes material.Combined chemical is committed to providing the best quality PVC stabilizer and additives, and the development of China s market. The company will be the most advanced technology, scientific quality control system, perfect production technology to provide more diverse products and the best service to customers.